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Fedor emelianenko quotes

fedor emelianenko quotes

I'll start the list with my Two favorites: " Fedor is the baddest mother-f_cker walking the planet." -Joe Rogan, UFC commentator. (radio interview). Discover Fedor Emelianenko famous and rare quotes. Share Fedor Emelianenko quotations about fighting, weakness and aggression. "A fighter, a real strong. Fedor Emelianenko believes that sambo is still superior to Brazilian jiu jitsu, despite his submission loss to Fabricio Werdum. Only if God tells me to come back. Lust Gluttony Envy Greed Sloth Pride Wrath. You think a technician like BJ Penn doesn't know what the fuck he's watching? Dec 5, Messages: I guess they all didn't know that Pride was fake Is Jordan casino novo the GOAT even after pretty much sucking it up in Minor League Baseball? Pinterest is using cookies to help give you the best experience we. If Fedor is fighting Top 10 guys then he's fighting the best in the world. Discussion in ' General MMA discussion ' started by snakerattle79Jan 14, SEEMS LIKE A GOOD DUDE. He usually just goes with the flow, depending on what his friends want to do-barbecuing, fishing, or .

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Fedor Emelianenko Isn't Amused by Chael Sonnen's Antics at Presser He finishes with some grappling and sparring. FirecrapJan 14, He was wrecking name fighters standing up and on the ground. The team lives in small rooms near the training facility where everything is simple and clean. At that time, Fedor enlisted Alexander Michkov to be his second trainer and striking coach. Fedor is the GOAT. Feb 18, Messages: Believe , Thinking , Mma. And I always try to keep my composure and think quickly in the ring. My two focuses were studying and training. The mental aspect of the game as just as paramount as the physical, and Fedor seems to have lost that edge. Mark Hunt Mixed Martial Artist. Mixed Martial Arts LLC. On his own time, he goes to church. fedor emelianenko quotes Nutrition Fedor does not have a cook or a specific diet, but sticks to eating three meals a day. I'm a normal human being, as are all of us. The secret Eye Poke Army headquarters. I laugh in the face of anyone saying that Muhammad Ali is one of the best. Brock Lesnar Professional Wrestler.

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